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10 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

There are two types of people in this world, those that are single and those that are not.
For the single, you know the struggle, no one to share great times with, no one to gas you up when you post those fire selfies on Instagram, no one to ask if you’ve eaten, no one to chat endlessly with on Whatsapp and never run of things to share, no one to cuddle on rainy nights and none to share gist with.
Relationships are natural part of the human reproductive cycle. It’s what’s in the eyes of many that makes life worth living. But finding ‘the one’ is now harder than ever, and with dating apps on the rise, current generations are now spoilt for choice.
In fact, in the grander scheme of things, you’re likely to be single because of you. Yes, YOU!
Here are ten possible explanations.
1. Too choosy
Being too choosy reduces the number of potential partners, obviously. And the more choosy one is, the higher the likelihood of being single for a while longer.
2. No one is asking
Another reason why some  are single is because no one is asking. This is often because potential partners think they are already taken or because they’re giving off a vibe of someone who is disinterested or unready.
3. Waiting to be successful
For some others, guys especially, the need to be successful comes before the search for bae.
4. Afraid of intimacy
For some reason, some people are single because they are scared and unwilling to open up themselves to the intimacy and affection that relationships are known for.
5. Trust issues
Especially if a previous relationship ended terribly in a case of betrayal of trust, people tend to take their time before entering into another relationship, if ever.
6. Unsure of what they want
There is also a class of single people who are single because of uncertainty. They can’t tell whether or not they even want to be in a relationship; and there are those who want relationships but can’t decide
7. You can’t get over your ex
Relationship breakdowns are a hard lesson in life. They hurt like hell, but they also invaluable lessons in how to improve yourself as well as what to look for in others.
But, if you haven’t yet learned anything, and still wish deep-down you had them in your life, then it;s unlikely you’ll embrace any possible new suitors- even if they happened to be your dream partner, Don’t let that happen to you. It’s a cliched saying but time really is a healer.
For some, however, it can take
longer than others. Don’t prolong your
heartbreak. Learn from it and learn to love again.
8. Confused
Confusion about love and other life issues is what makes some others remain single.
9. Unready
Some are just bidding their time, working on themselves and their character. They are single because they are not ready for a relationship just yet.
10. You don’t listen enough
All relationship counselors and marriage therapists will tell you the number one skill to a
happy partnership is listening. If you feign interest and don’t have a care for their opinions, then you shouldn’t be with them in the first place.
But if you do really like them and just happen to be a terrible listener, then develop listening skills. It’s crucial, not just for a happy relationship, but
also for learning. If you speak all the time, you’re not learning. And if you’re not learning, it’s unlikely you’ll ever become a good partner. Harsh, but true.
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