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Actress Monalisa Chinda Coker Lashes Out At Women Blames Women For Domestic Violence, & Fans Drag Her For Filth(VIDEO)

Actress, Monalisa Chinda Coker in an interview reveals that 50% of domestic violence incidents are caused by women. Advises women to quit provoking their men.
Monalisa Chinda thinks women are to blame for domestic violence, this the actress said in a new interview on Channels TV.
According to themother of one, 50 percent of domestic violence are caused by women because, as she said,
God gave women ‘big mouths’. A woman should not talk back at her partner during altercations, Monalisa says. A woman must swallow her discomfort and she must not make strong opinions before the man, else if the man attacks her, she is to be blamed for the assault.
In fact, in Chinda’s world, women must stay mute and submissive so as to maintain violence-free relationships. The abusive men are not to blame if they ‘lose their temper’; the women are.
That’s the gospel according to Monalisa Chinda:
Watch clips from the interview

'50% of domestic violence incidents are caused by women. Women should quit provoking their men' – Actress Monalisa Chinda. Thoughts?

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But what do Nigerians think of her rant?
See some of the reactions:
iamnkemone: “Is she justifying domestic violence ????? Don’t hit your partner no matter what, there are other ways to go about a situation. #notodomesticviolence@monalisa is talking trash.”
fumfumnanya: “If she shouts, you shout back…. why should your response to words be fists? You shouldn’t even hit a random stranger who insults you talk less of your wife!!!!!! I know someone who slapped his wife cos she was running her mouth she fell, haemorrhaged and died…. VIOLENCE should not be condoned….“
the_love_i_give: “I’m glad My mother raised my brothers never to hit a woman and to walk away. Domestic abuse is not ok, whether it’s a man or woman. This is some of the reasons why Africa is forever be behind in everything. Our way of thinking is selfish.”
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