According to daily post,popular trained Journalist Kemi Olunoyo is having serious clash and beefing with Nollywood actress Angela Okorie.

Kemi who revealed in one of her controversial post said Angela Okorie had allegedly collected a whooping sum of $11m from the Ex President of Gambia Yahya Jammeh.She blasted the Nollywood actress for prostituting herself in the movie industry and outside Nigeria shores.

Kemi also accused her of been paid the sum of $1.5m just to wear a white Muslim outfit and campaign for an evil man.It was gathered that the attack came in after Angela blasted intersexual and cross dressing bobrisky on her instagram page.

Ms Olunoyo #tagged Angela Okorie as she said
“The highclass prostitution of our #Nollywood ladies has reached alarming heights.
“Okorie has been fucking a dictator in front of our eyes and could have possibly been a diplomatic nightmare that ECOWAS secret agent could have easily eliminated.
“If she were #American the CIA could have killed her already,A total #Nigerian embarrassment to @Muhammedubuhari’s ECOWAS #Mission.

Nollywood diva who have been mute all this while couldn’t hold it back anymore as she fires back the US trained journalist calling her old witch.

“You wanted my attention now you can have it.I see your madness has gone to a different level ,listen old witch my Bible tells me not to suffer the witch to live.I noticed you are fond of attacking celebrities”my case is different”I am here to warn you ,if you don’t stop saying ill things about me you will die untimely.Since you love cursing may it never depart from you.You call women prostitutes you shall die in prostitution.You will get drunk in your own blood and eat your own flesh bastard .Listen I am to Graced to be Disgraced ,not a mere ant like you can stop are too small my God will punish you ,from your generation to generations will suffer madness .
You can’t bring me down for no reason.My foundation is very solid,he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.”I AM TOUCH NOT ENTITY “if you try to stop me I will crush you don’t forget that ,”I Am unstoppable moving Train”and I am ready for you old witch” she added.