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Blogger Linda Ikeji Reacts To Reports Of Her Engagement, Shares Photo Of Her Ring Finger

Yesterday, we reported about the rumour of popular Nigeria’s top blogger, Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, being engaged.
Well, the social media queen has reacted to the rumour that she is getting married soon.
According to the reports, her alleged husband to be let the cat out of the bag due to his excitement but the 37-year old is denying that she has been engaged.
To drive home her point, she shared an evidence, showing her left hand with no sign of a ring, adding that there is no husband yet but it will happen.
In a reaction to the viral reports, the blogger has shared a picture of her hands with no ring adorning her finger this time.
Sharing the above photo showing her bare ring finger, she wrote:
Ring finger still bare. 😊. The pressure to marry…Lol. It will happen..it just hasn’t. 😁 More LindaIkejiTV show trailers coming soon. #wearenotplaying.
Linda Ikeji is a very successful business woman and as expected, there is pressure from her fans and Nigerians alike to get married soon before her biological clock ticks but the blogger is not bothered about that as she has said previously that whenever she finds her ‘perfect man’, they will walk down the aisle together, but not before then. She is contented breaking boundaries and making a name for herself in the Africa media space.
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