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    Buhari’s Problem Is Spiritual, Not Medical – Cleric said

    As Nigerians eagerly await the fate of President Muhammadu Buhari and by extension, the nation, given his prolonged illness, fiery preacher and Abuja-based prophet, popularly called “Ojenanmuo
    Wisdom Nnamdi Ezeigwe has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to come back home and seek spiritual cleansing rather than travelling abroad intermittently to seek the help of medics who obviously do not possess answers to his life’s major queries.
    According to prophet Ezeigwe who recently relocated to the country from the Unites States,
    “I sincerely empathize with our dear president but as a prophet of the most high God, my advice to Mr President is for him to come back home and seek spiritual help. You cannot have, in your backyard, all these people operating on a higher spiritual level and then you are going abroad to seek medical assistance.”
    “What the president needs to get better is within the country and this is a spiritual matter, not medical.
    “Mr President’s sojourn in foreign countries for medical help is not the solution, rather he should look inwards and seek the face of God through the assistance of spiritual physicians who are in abundance in Nigeria”.
    Ojenanmuo who spoke with Saturday Vanguard after an inaugural service to open the headquarters of his church, World Solution Centre Ministry WSCM in Katampe, Abuja also counselled Nigerians not to despair, saying the country would soon exit recession.
    He said,
    “with faith in God by the people, the nation would exit recession very soon”, urging the leaders to hold on to God and do right by Nigerians.
    He was however quick to add that Nigerians must begin to lead sacrificial lives in order to obtain favour from above.
    “Without sounding immodest, I do not eat anyhow. I am very careful about my relationship with the opposite sex; I pray a lot and I am concerned about giving to the poor. Before now, I had slept under the bridge in Lagos, for several months. Now, in our individual and public endeavours, we must begin to draw closer to God, stop living in sin and then make ourselves available to help others. We need to begin to deny our flesh certain privileges; we must suffer the flesh to grow spiritually, because it is the spiritual that controls the physical”, he stated.
    Ojenanmuo words would not come as a surprise as Nigerians are well known for their spirituality, or as some would say, religiosity.
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