A Rejoined To Gbaramatu Voice.

My attention has been drawn to a said publication with my name being used as a reference to vindicate your content that will justify your claims, please I want to categorically separate my views or publications from your information which you added to your material without seeking clearer understanding.

Your publications was a misconstrue of mine, the point I was trying to establish and what I was trying to know then was that our elders should educate us on the path of leadership so, that we knows their associates and their competitors so, we won’t mistook a serpent for a pet.

My question “…how true are those history we were told that we (Itsekiris) own Warri and every land under Warri kingdom is controlled by the Olu?” was a rhetorical question directed to a particular audience at a specific time. Don’t use it to justify the Ijaw expansionist agenda.

Note that in the year past, the itsekiri nation forefathers and yours seems to have understanding without fight but, how the fighting started is what we want to get to the root, you cannot denied it that most ethnic groups that visited warri kingdom were paying homage to the olu of warri of which the gbaramatu was under warri kingdom including the okumagbas who calls themselves agbaha warri.

Please when ogbe-ijaw had court case with Aladja over lands issue can you tell me how they got victory over the Aladja claim ? Note it was an evidence tendered by the ogbe-ijaw people who claimed that when they first came to the area it was the olu of warri they met who granted them the permission, so, if that is true then how did gbaramatu comes about ? and how long has been the existence of the gbaramatu kingdom? Was it known as kingdom from the start ?

Ok if Ijaws are in warri, edo, ondo, Bayelsa and anywhere there’s a river , does it mean Ijaws owned half of the Nigeria?

Anyway I’m glad there are documents and wish we all can act mature so, we can settle this in the court of law once and for.

The land called Okerenkoko today was Okerenghio which is an itsekiri village in Omadino.

You asked a question in your publish that, ‘ how can they rent to the ijaw and yet allowed the Ijaws to occupy a vast part of the land ‘ yes you right we allowed that but, never knew you guys will be saying things like this today .

The truth is that the itsekiri as a nation has always act like the westerners, they applied moderation in whatever they do that’s why they gave birth to few children unlike the Ijaws and other, also the itsekiri controls the economical activities while the tenants where the producers and labourers so, the itsekiri pay them to produces and then exports the products , while that was the case , itsekiri gave access to the tenants to expand with their every families as an average ijaw man can have over 15 children but, itsekiri won’t except a few persons who had lots else it’s not in the itsekiri nature to give births like Guinea pigs .

Thank you and God bless until we meet in court where the itsekiri nation and the ijaws will tender their proof of ownership.

Long live the Olu of Warri , his majesty , Ogiame Ikenwoli .

Charles Eyimofe Pemu.