Issues revolving around the establishment of the Nigerian Maritime University (NMU) in Okenrenghigho, Omadino has raised a lot of dust even from water. And this is mostly due to the deliberate attempt by both the Federal Government led by an apologist of the Kiama Declaration in the person of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and some spineless State officials of the Delta State government to steal from the people of Omadino.
Whatever be the case, the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli has rightly and correctly described the schemers of this evil arrangement as IMPOSTORS and that is exactly what they are.
The Secretary of the Gbaramatu Clan, “ChiefGodspower Gbenekama may disagree with this self evident truth, but that does not change the status of those who purportedly allocated, and acquired the said piece/percel of land in a kill and divide fashion. They are merely impostors and usurpers, and Itsekiri will resist this. It is not enough to disagree with the Olu of Warri on your status as impostors, for doing so would also amount to disagreeing with self evident truth, legally established facts and of course the Supreme Court of Nigeria. In fact, the issues bothering on the status of the Gbaramatu people in Okenrenghigho, which is sometimes criminally referred to as Okerenkoko, has long been decided and settled since 1962 in Suit No. W/30/62, at the then Supreme Court of Nigeria. So any government which enters into any form of dealing concerning the said piece/parcel of land with any group other than the true and lawful owners of the said land should be ready to either do the needful or vacate our land.
We completely disagree with the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, who, during his recent visit to the Niger Delta, was reported to have said that “Justice will only be relevant when there is peace …” Instead, we will like to echo that Justice is eternally relevant, even in the face of the gun. We cannot subtly continue to encourage violence and criminality in the fleeting pursuit of some kind of peace, for there truly cannot be peace in the absence of Justice.
No doubts, the failure of the FG to forestall the amassing and stockpiling of arms and amunitions in the hands of unauthorized non-State actors in the Niger Delta, have put the security situation in the Region at the edge. Despite this disturbing situation however, we will never be deterred from stating the truth and asserting our rights over our god given territory.
Chief Gbenekama and his cohorts should not brag about their so assumed successes through the barrel of the gun, which was due largely to the failure of the various governments to squarely protect the rights and the lives of the minority ethnic groups in Nigeria, particularly the Niger Delta.
For emphasis sake, let it be stated again that Omadino community, under the over-lordship of His Majesty Ogiame Ikenwoli the Olu of Warri, shares no common boundary with Gbaramatu clan, and that Okerenghogho, the enclave which is criminally referred to as Okerenkoko is a property of Omadino people, and we will do all that is necessary to assert our position.
Quincy Onuwaje,
P.R.O. Omadino Employment and Development Association (OEDA)