Reggae Blues’ singer, Harrysongz has just acquired an early 2018 gift for himself.
The singer added a Brand New Mercedes Benz SE350 to his Garage and it’s a Bulletproof.
The Alterplate Boss is already having a great year, as he took to Instagram to share photos/video of the new bulletproof Mercedes SE350 he bought.
He wrote;
“I told y’all its gonna be a blessed 2018, yea? Welcome my nu baby = Mercedes SE350 = bullet proof ;; am grateful = now I can, happy New year world = agberi o”
According to findings, the ride is worth 95 Million.

I told y'all it's goina be a blessed 2018 yea ?. Welcome my nu baby =Mercedes SE350 =bullet proof ;; am grateful = now I can,happy New year world = agberi o @timayatimaya

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