On May 2, 1987 at Ode-Itsekiri-Big Warri – the ancestral home of the Itsekiri history and power house of politics of Warri kingdom, Chief Ogbemi Rewani, the late doyen of Itsekiri history and the Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom, crowned His Majesty.

On the coronation anniversary it was a glamorous pride of all Itsekiris from their Olympian height to all Nigerians, and Deltans in particular and the world at large.
It is on record that His Majesty mounted the priston throne of Warri kingdom in a grand style never before witnessed in the annals of Itsekiri existence as a people. His coronation gave birth to the then anniversary “Carnival float” Warri wherein various types of cars, trailers and other heavy duty vehicles were skillfully re-designed and decorated wonderfully to look like a moving train, ship or house boat on land, beautifully but deliberately traditional attired male and female dancers performing the simple but intricate Itsekiri dance steps to the delight of all Warri residents irrespective of birth, tribe and political affinity.

Significantly, during the coronation anniversaries in Warri, every businessman becomes an automatic winner. Money flows very richly and freely in the economic sense because virtually every article of trade was in huge demand.

I see another coronation anniversary celebration attracted not only Itsekiri sons and daughters in Nigeria and the Diaspora, it will attract dignitaries across the globe, including first class royal fathers, businessmen/stakeholders, directors of oil majors operating in the state; to government functionaries; security agents; politicians of all shades; senators, Governors and Presidential convoy. There is no doubt, it will bring about social harmony and cross fertilization of ideas and conviviality in rare display of brotherly love, peace and unity.

His Majesty, Ogiame Atuwatse 11, from the Atuwatse lineage. He is the second son of his father, that was made a member of the Warri Traditional Council since 1983 and was also a member of Warri Local Government Council, where he served in several capacities. He is a lawyer by profession and the second university graduate to ascend the great throne of Warri kingdom.

Now it beat my imagination today that the great Iroko, the Ogbowuru our dignified and respected royal father, the must handsome king Nigeria has ever seen, a king that command honor and dignity…

Oh… hah. How I wish death never comes, how I wish kings never pass on… It is true they say good things don’t last for ever but his legacy and love will never die.

Live on great Iroko
Live on Ogiame Atuwatse 11
Live on in the company of great kings beyond.
Live on, live on, live on………..

Article written by Amb. Young Piero