Mrs  Nike  a mother of three has alleged that her spouse Femi, has actually been attempting to use her for money ritual.
The plaintiff, Nike Akinbile made the disclosure during her divorce proceedings at a Mapo Customary Court, Ibadan on Friday, September 16.
Nike, who lives at Olunloyo Area, Ibadan said For the past two years now, Femi has been making frantic effort to get abundant at all cost and I am his primary target for that purpose.
” Not too long ago, I was simply lying on the bed, Femi believed that I had slept off, so he tried to strike my eyelids with conventional eye liner also known as Tiro . aside that I have actually gotten a number of visions that he wants to use me as a sacrifice from the look of things and I don’t want to die  now.
Nike included that her husband has actually deserted his obligations in looking after her and their kids, requiring them to go without standard care.Insisting that her mind was made up as far as her marriage was concerned,she beg  the court to dissolve her 11 marriage.
Me while Mr Femi, who happens to be a business man ,denied all the allegations levelled against him while opposing the divorce petition.
Femi revealed that he wanted to protect his children from difficulties in life which is the significant factor he desires the union to continue.Your honour, I have actually suffered to  sustain my marriage and marry Nike. I was the one that sent her to school and made her self-employed. For Nike’s education, I enrolled, wrote her examinations for her in addition to monitor her other academic pursuits.
In order to be well balanced in life, I have motivated her to discover tailoring which is her source of income today. The case was adjourned.