Since the Ijaw customary tenants held an emergency meeting in Gbabor- Uton Ima (criminally called Oporoza) on 28/1/2017 where several copies of the MPIHDH articles were printed and shared to the audience, the leadership of the Movement for the Protection of Iwere Homeland, Development and History (MPIHDH) has since been inundated with familiar and strange phone calls from unknown persons.
While majority of the calls are from well known prominent sons and indigenes of Ijaghala community, other callers identities have been largely unknown.
Those of our brothers who called in from Ijaghala community are with two different messages.
The first set of Ijaghala community callers are specifically calling on the leadership of the Movement to halt immediately further articles the group is putting out to refute the false claims that the Ijaws are dishing out on daily basis that they own the land they now criminally call Gbaramatu kingdom. Their reasons is because the Ijaws are rattled by our cutting edge articles backed with strong historical facts and court judgements concerning their tenant status and their atrocities they have committed in Ijaghala community over the years when they forcefully tried to annex the land and compelled some of our people to renounce their Itsekiri heritage if they must live safely in the community after it was burnt down in 1997 after killing almost half of the innocent indigenes they met on that fateful day. These set of first callers are afraid that since they were summoned to Gbabor (not Oporoza), to explain what they know about our sources of information and claim that the Olu of Warri His majesty Ogiame Ikenwoli is in charge of the area, their lives are in danger as they Ijaws are not happy with them anymore.
The other set of callers are some indigenes of Ijaghala who affirmed that they are Itsekiri of Ugborodo under the over lordship of the Olu of Warri and are happy with the MPIHDH publications which has greatly helped in telling their sorrowful story of a lost identity to the world who until now seems to have forgotten that Ijaghala indigenes are living like slaves in their ancestral Itsekiri homeland.
Havent weighed the above situation, the MPIHDH hereby makes the following positions known to the Ijaws of Gbaramatu and our people of Ijaghala community.
1. Ijaghala community is one of the five communities that make up Ugborodo community under the over lordship of the OLU OF WARRI, HIS MAJESTY OGIAME IKENWOLI. No amount of threat to our peace loving and law abiding indigenes of Ijaghala will stop that.
2. The Gbaramatu Ijaws can not craftily begin to muscle innocent indigenes of Ijaghala community by printing the article of the Movement and sharing them to our Ijaghala brothers while mandating them to call and harass the leadership of the organization. That is cowardice as it amounts to a subtle way of threatening our people living quietly in their God given land. How many times have Ijaghala community called the Ijaws of Gbaramatu like Godspower Gbenekama, Tompolo, Oboko Bello, Micheal Jonny, Sherriff Mulade, George Teminimini etc to order to stop writing fake articles on National dailies and granting interviews on live television laying false claims to Itsekiri land of Ugborodo and Omadino? When some of them were insulting our revered monarch Ogiame Ikenwoli the Olu of Warri over his majesty claim that the land where the maritime university was sited belongs to Itsekiri and must be properly acquired, how many of them did the Itsekiri of Ijaghala summoned?
3. The Gbaramatu voice an attack media dog of the Ijaws have relentlessly be churning out malicious and damaging articles to counter Itsekiri claims to the land. How many times have the Ijaws thought it necessary to rake in the brains behind the propaganda machine?
4. Ijaghala remain an integral part of Ugborodo community under the over lordship of the Olu of Warri. It is an Itsekiri town the Ijaws have tried to forcefully annex. Those calling the Movement not to write or say anything about Ijaghala again should realize that even though some certain individuals prefer to identify with Gbaramatu Ijaws because of blood ties and family links, that DOES NOT MEAN CARRYING UGBORODO LAND WITH THEM TO GBARAMATU. IT MUST BE CLEAR THAT THERE IS A CLEAR DISTINCTION BETWEEN SOME INDIVIDUALS PLEDGING THEIR LOYALTY TO ANOTHER TRIBE AND CLAIMING OWNERSHIP OF A PARTICULAR COMMUNITY THAT HAS LONG BEEN AN ITSEKIRI COMMUNITY.
5. We can not and will not STOP to expose the Ijaw atrocities committed against our people by killing them in their homelands and then subjecting them to second class citizens in their own land. We can not be cowed and intimidated into silence simply because the Ijaws feels they have the monopoly of violence. We shall continue to speak out against all the forms of injustices and oppression our people are suffering under the Ijaw people no matter whose horse is gored.
6. To our Ijaghala brothers and Itsekiri worldwide, the likes of EK Clark, Tompolo, Oboko Bello, George Teminimi, Sherriff Mulade, Godspower Gbenekama, Micheal Jonny, Asari Dokubo, Aniko Briggs, Joseph Evah etc are NOT GHOST. They are humans like us. if they can speak openly and boldly about their people, we see no reason why we wont speak for our people.
To the Gbaramatu customary tenants, your games are up. There is no amount of meetings, sharing of our articles and the mandating of our people from Ijaghala community through threat to speak to us will deter us from using available facts and evidences to expose your criminality and treachery to the Nigerian people and the international community who hitherto now are not fully aware of your injustices back home in the Niger Delta while crying against marginalization and oppression of other tribes against your selfish interest in the Niger Delta.
Our sources of information should not bother you our Gbaramatu tenants as our eyes are carefully following every of your moves in that land.
Ogiame suoooooooooooo