NGR.NG have the best collection of Ijaw names online. Our Ijaw children names are a contribution of people from the Ijaw nation. Check out our Ijaw Children name collection to find out the best name for your child. Our Collection of Izon names comes with their meaning and gender.

Ijaw Child Names and Meaning

SN Name Gender Meaning
1 Derioteidou Unisex Free from laughter
2 Woyengi-momoemi Unisex God is with me
3 Tubokebima Unisex The Good Child
4 Perelayefa Unisex Richer than the richest or Nobody richer
5 Tari Unisex Love
6 Tamarapreye Unuisex God’s gift
7 Ebiere Feminine Fine Lady
8 Okubo-ere Female Money woman
9 Ayiba tari Unisex God’s Love
10 Beinmonyo Male Fulfilled
11 Ayebatari Unisex God’s love
12 Ina’ngo Male My wealth
13 Ikaebinyo Female I will be good also
14 Ayebabomote Male God’s praise
15 Ngoebiye Unisex Wealth is good
16 Baratuipre Male Helping hands
17 Ayebaidobamo Male God has made me great
18 Nengimote Male Above all
19 Iniye Female My own
20 Inemo Unisex Endurance
21 Tamaranlayefa Unisex There is nothing that reach God
22 Ayetamaranbrakemi Unisex life is in the hands of God
23 Ebipade Unisex Goodluck
24 Timiebi Male Be patience and you will be rich
25 Tamaraudoubra Unisex Godswill
26 Akpoebi Unisex Life is good
27 Ebi-akpo Unisex Good Life
28 Seimieghan Unisex Do no harm
29 Ebiperemene Unisex it will be good to me
30 Teinane God has answer
31 Ebiegberi Good news
32 Torukro Be Strong
33 Emomotimi stay with me
34 Tarilayefa Nothing like love
35 Ebikabowei Comes with good
36 Pereotu Wealthy people
37 Douere Patient
38 Ekio Wiusdom
39 Ebipade Blessing has come
40 Ebiboseineyagha The Blessing are mine
41 Egirigi Great
42 Seipaleyagha Stainless
43 Funpere Education is wealth
44 Odounkakpo Long life
45 Ezoukumor Be steady
46 Ebiowei Kind one
47 Ebiowou Good way
48 Kromor Energetic
49 Bulokakotua Hope
50 Tolumu Counselling


51 Benatu Family
52 Anetorufa Excellent
53 Enieyekeye Self-appointed
54 Timiebibo The joy of living
55 Eyerinmene Lively
56 Peremoboere Good fortune
57 Poweide Happiness
58 Apamor Volunteer
59 Tokeere igien meiseifa Guiltless
60 Imomotimi Unisex Stay with me
61 Owoufimiuowei Male A man who opens way
62 Owoufiniere Female A woman who opens ways
63 Ebiere Feminine Fine woman
64 Oyeinketonperemunu Unisex God will plan for me
65 Oyeinmiebi Unisex The good deeds of God
66 Tubolayefa Unisex There is nothing like child
67 Inakposeimokumo Unisex Don’t destroy my life
68 Ebiketon Male Plan good
69 Youbaitongha Male There is no forbidden day for travelling
70 Oifie Male This is our season
71 Ondotimi Unisex Stay alive
72 Timioyeinkedi Feminine Stay and look up to God
73 Ebiakpo Male Good life
74 Perepakerekere Male There are different types of riches
75 Pereozoukumo Unisex Don’t rush for riches
76 Oyeinbirakemi Unisex Its in the hand of God
77 Binalayefa Unisex There is nothing like relations
78 Birakumo Female Don’t forget me
79 Ayibapreye Unisex God Gift
80 Ayiba-womoemi Female God’s with us
81 Ayibaseighe Male God is not bad
82 Ayibaseinghe Female God is not asleep
83 Ayiba-eninidetei Male God has shown mercy
84 Ayiba-deinyefa Male Nothing is greater than God
85 Ayiba-tari Unisex God’s blessing
86 Ayiba-tonbra Unisex God’s plan
87 Ayiba-emomoemi Male God is with me
88 Ayiba-emi Male God is
89 Endutimi Unisex Long-life
90 Okobatin Male Money tree
91 Okoba-ere Female Good woman
92 Pere-owei Male Rich man
93 Pere-ere Female Rich woman
94 Ayebanua Male Thank God
95 Kurokeme Male Strong man
96 Awoala Male Chief of children
97 Awoalaye-ofori Unisex There is nothing like children
98 Ibigibo Female Good mother
99 Awongo Unisex Children are wealth
100 Da omuna Unisex God is not sleeping
101 Daowaninami Unisex God is with us
102 Daowanate Unisex God has heard us
103 Daobomate Unisex God bless
104 Tamunusaki ibitam Unisex God’s time is the best
105 Ebieya Unisex Yours is good
106 Kemelayefa Unisex Nothing can be compared to a person
107 Enai Unisex My own
108 Pere Male King / wealth / riches
109 Tamarakarena Unisex God has heard my prayer
110 Seigha Unisex Nothing spoils
111 Ebiyipreye Unisex It is well with you
112 Brasin Unisex Leave it with God
113 Dimbainimibofa Unisex Nobody knows tomorrow
114 Brakemi Unisex Its in your hands
115 Ebitare Unisex Love good
116 Tamarataena Unisex God heard my prayer
117 Ekiyor Unisex Wisdom
118 Doubra Unisex The way God wants it
119 Ebimini Unisex It will be well
120 Nimi Unisex Knowledge
121 Ebisuode Unisex Good has entered
122 Tamaraleyefa Unisex Nothing Equals God
123 Tamarakru Unisex God is strong
124 Ebidisebofe Unisex There is no one that does not like good
125 Ebimoboere Female Woman that brought good
126 Yoroakpo Female Woman’s life
127 Ebiarede Unisex My eyes have seen good
128 Ditorusin Unisex Look and remove your eyes
129 Tamaramiemini Unisex God will do it
130 Inemoweri Unisex Endurance
131 Zibepreyi Unisex God gift
132 Ebipadie Unisex It has been accomplished
133 Tonye Unisex What he created
134 Oyin-miesidou Unisex God has done it for me
135 Oyin-nimi Unisex God knows
136 Oyinegberi Unisex Gospel
137 Fun-ebi Unisex Knowledge is God’s
138 Oyin-kuro Male Gods power
139 Yenimi-ere Female Intelligent woman
140 Perekeme Male Rich man


Special appreciation to members of the IJAW YOUTH COUNCIL WORLD WIDE,IYC their assistance in collating these names. I also want to appreciate the following members of the ICY group for their exceptional contribution.

  1. Aaron Derioteidou
  2. Tari Sylva
  3. Doubra Serious Torukro
  4. Joyful Osunu
  5. Isedirikonghen Ziperedein-emi
  6. Tariowei Okobatin
  7. Awola Duke
  8. Dennis Peres
  9. Egbegi Mathew Ekiemo
  10. Comr Igwe Junior
  11. Perez Francis
  12. Mhizta Dollz
  13. Magnus Solomon
  14. Feinakedoh Akumaere Queen
  15. Okporu Pere Joy
  16. Isaac Nelson
  17. Doubra Serious Torukro
  18. Enefa-a Otonye Erekosima