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Name Abbreviation Gender Meaning
Abidemi  Demi Unisex A child born before either the father or grandparents arrive
ABoyowa Oyo Unisex Child that brought joy
Abugewa Unisex Came with merriment
Adanoritsewo Sewo Unisex
Afejuku  Surname
Agbajor   Surname Gather Together
Agbedetse Unisex
Agbeyegbe male You don’t live forever
Agboghoroma Roma/Ogho male You can’t buy child with money
Ajemigbitse Ogbitse Unisex Give me the blessing
Ajogungbe   unisex
Ajuremisan Misan unisex Light my stars shine
Alero Female First-born female child
Amajuoritse Ama orAmaju Unisex We do not know more than God
Amejuma Ama unisex Nobody knows tomorrow
Aminoma Omas unisex You don’t know the taught of a child
Amiwero Unisex
Amonetsone Unisex
Amorighoye Amoris Unisex We don’t know who will wear the crown
Aninoritse Ani unisex God’s compassion
Anirejuoritse Ani unisex You can’t be wiser than God
Anomuoghanran Anomu unisex My enemies are ashamed
Apoh Male
Arenyeka Yeka Male You can’t walk the universe
Ariegbeomah Oma unisex This child is unique
Aritetsoma Tesoma Girls Male or Females are also child
Ariyo Male
Arubi   Male
Arueyingho Eyingho Male Think about the future
Asorkpinmi Aso Male Am tired of negative criticism
Atigbinolaye Atigbin Male Remember your helper
Atigbioritse Itse Male Remember the Lord
Atsegbaghan Aghan Male Give them assistance
Atserunboma Omas unisex
Atseyinku   Unisex
Aturene   Unisex
Awala   Unisex
Ayemotse Aye Unisex  I have done act of kindness
AyiriOritse Ayiri unisex You should praise the lord
Ayonuwe Ayo unisex Today’s Blessing
BabaLudewa Oludewa unisex Our Father has reincarnate
Besida Besi Female As destiny decides/dictates
BiOritsegiowatse Watse unisex It shall be as the lord have said
Bojor   male
Daibo   male
Dolor   female Money
Ebeji Female Twins
Ebiekutan Ebietan unisex You will always have family members
Ebieshuwa Shuwa unisex Family is wealth
Ebisanjuwa Ebisan unisex Family is more than wealth
Ebitomi Ebito/Tomi unisex Am ok with my family
Ebituomere Omere unisex
Ebiyon Ebi unisex Its pleasurable to have family
Ebrohimi   unisex
Eburajolomisan Jolomi Unisex Our ancestral gods have made me good
Edema   Male Gentleman
Edemadiden Edema\Diden Male Light Skinned Gentleman
Edemadudun Edema/ Dudun Male Dark skinned Gentleman
Edematie Edema Male Small Gentleman
Edonmi Edon Male It does not hurt me
Ejueyetsegbemi Ejuaye Unisex Do me a favour
Ejueyitchiegbemi Ejuetchi Unisex Leave this for me
Ekuyatsemi   Unisex
Ekwejunor   Unisex
Emiko   Male
Enemigin Ene Unisex
Enewe   Unisex
EreofoOluwa Ofoluwa unisex God’s word is rewarding
Erewa   Unisex
Erikowa   Unisex
Esanjumi Jumi/Esan Unisex Not better than me
Esigbone Gbone unisex People’s Law
Esijemiborbale Bale unisex Follow laid down principle and you will grow old
Esimajemite Majemite Unisex
Esijolomisan Jolomi / Misan Unisex I am guided through the right direction to prosperity
Etuwewe   Unisex
Eworitsemogha Ewos Unisex I am in the hand of God
Eyeoyibo Oyibo Unisex European Life
Eyewumi Wumi / Eyewu Unisex I love life
Eyimofe Mofe Unisex This is my desire
Eyituoyo Tuoyo Unisex This is enough for joy
Fregene   Unisex Freeman, Clean, unstained
Gbeneniabichie Nebi / Echie Unisex Make me your family
Ikperegbeyiwa Ogbeyi Unisex It was brought by Ikpere
Jirinrgho Jirin Male Watch patiently
Kenekueyero Eyero / Kene Unisex Each one with his own life
Mabuyaku Uya Unisex Don’t die with suffering
Madamedon Edon Unisex Don’t let me be afraid
Mayomi Yomi Unisex
Megbuliofor Megbuli Unisex Don’t hold on to words
Mejebi Jebi Unisex Am not guilty
Mene   Male First / One
Menewe Mene/ Enewe Unisex
Metseaghanrun Metse Unisex I have done nothing to you people
Mogbeyiteren Mogbeyi Unisex I will take this (child) for now
Mogbeyitsereje Mogbeyi Unisex I take this as my reward
Mogbusiaghan Usiaghan Unisex I heard your deeds/ I heard from them
Monoyo Noyo/ Oyo Unisex Am filled with joy
Monoyooritse Noyo, OyoOritse Unisex Am filled with the joy of the lord
Nnoli Noli Unisex Homely
Nobioritse Nobi Unisex In God’s presence
Nonekone None, Kone Unisex Anybody
Odeli Odeli Unisex Home guard / Wall Gecko
Odonghanro Odon Unisex They are looking at years
Odonmeta Odon Unisex Three Years
Ofeoritse Ofe Unisex God’s Gift
Ofoeghareno Ofeno Male The words of our elders are words of wisdom
Ofoluwafo Oluwa, Ofo , Wafo Unisex Words spoken by our Lord
Oforitseno Eno, Ofor Unisex God’s word will surely come to past
Oforkpimi Ofor Unisex Am tired of complains
Ofortokun Otokun Male The words of poor men are always ignored
Ofosanren Ofosan, Osan Unisex We have come to agreement
Ogbaghankomi Komi, Ogban Unisex They taught me to be wise
Ogharaerumi Rumi, Ara Unisex My enemies are jealous of me
Ogharandukun Ukun Unisex We are now friends
Oghoritsewarami Warami
Ogungbemi Ogun, Ogbemi unisex Protected by War, It can also have a variation of Protected By Ogun the (God of Iron)
Ojobon Obon Unisex Market day. A child given birth to on a market day.
Okan Okan Unisex First, one
Okorodudun Dudun, Okoro Male Black Guy
Okorosobo Sobo, Okoro Male Urhobo Guy
Okorotie Okotie Male Small Guy
Okpetoritse Okpe, Toritse Unisex Glory belong to God
Oludewa Olude Unisex He came back
Olumagin Olu Unisex The king Knows
Omabegho Begho Unisex
Omabuwa Buwa Unisex
Omademi Odemi, Ode, Demi unisex A child given birth to at the return of the father
Omadoye Odoye Unisex Child have become royalty
Omaejemite Majemite Unisex Don’t bring me dishonour
Omagbemi Ogbemi Unisex I am protected by my child.
Omagbitse Ogbitse Unisex
Omaghomi Ghomi Unisex Child will look after me
Omajugho Jugho Unisex
Omamara   Unisex Am used to it
Omamofe Mofe Unisex Its child am looking for
Omasan Unisex Child is good
OmatotemiAghranwani Awani Male
Omatseye Tseye Male Child is life
Omatsola Tsola Unisex Child is life
Omatsuli Tsuli Unisex Child is what make up home
Omawumi Wumi/ Owumi Female/ unisex I like children
Omayeli Yeli Unisex
Omereyon Omere, Oyon Unisex There is brotherly love
Ometie TieTie Unisex Small child
Onetoritsebawoete Bawo or Ete Unisex Whom the Lord is with cannot be put to shame
Orighomisan Misan Female My head is good
Oritsebemigho Bemigho Unisex Lord watch over him/her for me
Oritsebemigho Bemigho Unisex God guide him for me
Oritsedere Dere Unisex God’s Rest
Oritsedumi Dumi Unisex Am healed by God
Oritsegbegbemi Egbegbe, Oris, Gbemi Unisex I have not be forsaken by God
Oritsegbeyiwa Ogbeyi Unisex This was brought by God
Oritsegbubemi Gbubemi Unisex God answered my prayer
Oritsejafor Oritseje Unisex God have let us spoken
Oritsejedeoneyor Oneyor, Eneyor, Oritseje Unisex God have grant us Jubilation
Oritsejemibobale Obale, Jemi, Unisex May God let me grow old
Oritsejemide Jemide, Oritseje Unisex God let me wait
Oritsejeminetemi Jemine, Temi, Mine Unisex May God grant me mine
Oritsejemirieyigbe Jemirieyigbe Male
Oritsejesimighomi Jesimighomi, Ghomi Unisex
Oritsejolomi Jolomi Unisex The lord has fixed me
Oritsejolomisan Jolomi, Misan Unisex The lord have fixed me better
Oritsejurenmisan Uremisan Unisex God let my star shine
Oritsematosan Tosan Unisex God knows best
Oritsemaundede Dede, Oritsema Unisex God knows everything
Oritsemeyiwa Meyiwa Unisex This was brought by God
Oritsemodupe Dupe Unisex I am grateful O Lord
Oritsemoyowa Moyo, Oyowa unisex Joy from God
Oritseretseoluwa Seoluwa, Sowa unisex God is my Lord
Oritsetimeyin Oti orTimeyin Unisex The lord is behind me or the lord has my back
Oritsetsaninomi Sanunomi, Anino Unisex God has pity me
Oritsetsemaye Tsemaye Unisex Am favoured by God
Oritsetsolaye Sola, Laye, Oritselaye unisex God is the granter of Favour
Oritseweyinmi Weyinmi Unisex The lord is with me
Oritsewinor Winor Unisex There is God Ooooo
Oritsuwa Suwa Unisex God of Wealth
Osandatuwa Osan, Uwa Unisex Favoured have returned
Otokuefor   Unisex The words of poor men have no value
Otone One Unisex Someone child
Otumara   Unisex It has calmed me down
Oyiboejamuli Oyibo, Uli Unisex
Oyomere Omere Unisex Brotherly love
Popo   Male
Reyenieju Reye Unisex
Temile Temi Unisex
Temisanren Temi, Misan Unisex I have gained favour
Temituoyo Temi, Tuoyo Unisex Mine is enough for joy
Tenumah Numa Male
Toghanranrose Toghanro Male The plan of our enemies have failed
Tonwe   Male
Toritsefe Tofe Female What the lord desires
Toritseju Toju Unisex God’s (will) is supreme
Toritsemotse Motse, Toritse, Itse Unisex I am of the Lord
Tosanwumi Tosan, Wumi Unisex I love good things
Towuaghantse   Male You act as you like to
Tunokanrin Tunoka Unisex His is different
Ugbotoritseduwani Toritse, Wani The field where God blessed with wealth.
Ukubeyinje Uku Unisex Death have spoiled our plan
Ukuebami Ebami, UKu Unisex Death did not reach me
Ukuedojor Uku, Ojor Male Death have no day
Ukuejunor Uku, Junor
Ukuemene Kumene Male Death does not know us
Ukuesan Uku Unisex Death is horrible
Ukumakpene Uku, Ene Unisex Death do not kill us
Ukuoritse Uku Unisex
Urowayino Rowayino Unisex They are short of taught
Urowoli Woli, Female Softness have come in
Urunmatsoma tsoma Unisex
Utieyinone Utieyin
Utseoritselaju Laju Unisex God work is marvellous
Utseoritsenere Nere Unisex God’s work is profitable
Uwanikone Uwa Unisex
Uyalaju Laju Unisex Suffering is unbearable