About few months back reverse is the case as fuel price rises while kerosene diminish not till of recent .
As fuel rate is falling, the price of kerosene is warming the roofing systems, as Kerosene is now being sold between N250 and N350 per litre depending upon the place and outlet. The circumstance is more intensified by the shortage of aviation fuel, as kerosene is utilized both as home and aviation turbine kerosene or Jet A1.
The deficiency of kerosene is so bad that even the industry regulator, the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, validated to crude, that it rarely cleared vessels bearing the item nowadays.
The company associated kerosene scarcity to the scarcity of FOREX, as banks are not able to raise letters of credit, LCs for importers and marketers to generate the product.
Nevertheless, IPMAN restated members’ dedication to offering a robust supply of kerosene in the coming weeks, even as MOMAN states the impact of the lack of FOREX on imports.
According to Olawore, “We didn’t simply increase the price of kerosene on our own, however FOREX did. You can not get forex at the government authorized or official rate of N294 to $1. You can not get FOREX at N300 or perhaps N350. So, if you get the product above N350, will you offer below your cost to fulfill the common man’s demand? Businesses are not run as a charity.”
With regard to making the item more readily available as promised, Okoronkwo ensured that IPMAN “have actually started talks with the majors in the oil and gas market to work together with us and bring in item that will cushion the rate hike and assist the masses.
” Recently, we had a meeting with majors in the industry who are in our fold and by the time we are done (in a matter of weeks), we would flood the country with kerosene. It will be in weeks since the ships have to leave their destinations. But we need to pay them now. Those are the elements that will make it get to weeks.”
He revealed that IPMAN possessed been given a license to import kerosene and diesel into the country, adding that it possessed also concluded arrangements with the foreign partners to finance the importation.
“Possessing offered IPMAN the license to import kerosene and diesel, it would reduce the sufferings of Nigerians, and in a couple of weeks, the items will be offered at budget-friendly cost,” he added.
“We have gotten in into collaboration with some multinationals to help the Federal Government to make petroleum items available .