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Lil Wayne To Die In 5 week Doctors Prediction

This is sad news in the Hip Hop music industry this period of time.
New Orleans Rapper Lil Wayne made shocking statement this morning in Atlanta after calling a press meeting.
The rapper who seemed to have lost a lot of weight announced to his fans and the press that he was diagnosed with skin cancer and his Doctors said he only has five weeks to live.
His Doctor confirmed that in the beginning of this month Lil Wayne was examined with stage 4 cancer meaning there is nothing they can do to rescue Wayne.
I would be thankful if a person can regularly pour a bottle of codeine and promethazine cough syrup every week on my tomb while two red bones twerk on either side of my grave…I’m dying a blissful man and I hope ya’ll think about me in remembrance”.
Lil Wayne said before departing fans and reporters and this gat them schocked.
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