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LOL! Angry Nigerian Dad Disgraces Son-in-Law On Wedding Day (VIDEO)

This is so hilarious!
An angry Nigerian dad has just disgraced his son-in-law at a Lagos wedding party, and the video is currently making rounds on social media.
From the clip making rounds, the groom is seen getting his wife’s garter, his head buried under her dress, and this pissed off her father who immediately rushed at his son-in-law, dragging him by the legs.
The wedding garter, is an old western tradition adopted by many Africans.
At a typically set time during a wedding party, the groom removes the bride’s garter in front of witness, and then, he tosses the piece to the unmarried bachelors in the crowd.
The old superstition behind this awkward ceremony owned that the piece would bring good luck, and this old practice found its way into some Nigerian weddings.
However, not many people know about the ceremony, plus this groom took it up a notch by retrieving the piece with his teeth, which was why his head was buried under the bride’s dress.
Apparently, the bride’s father assumed that to be some oral sex going on, hence why he rushed to save his daughter’s dignity.
Watch the clip:

When the Brideprice has been paid for….WHO GON STOP YOU AHN?!!!! Goons Vs Alhaji #SomethingLight 😂😁 @mc_tunde_duduskii

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