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A Look At World Kidney Cancer Day And The Green Lipstick Challenge

Have you heard of the Green Lipstick Challenge?
If you’ve not, perhaps you’ve been living under a rock on Mars, or, more likely, been away from social media, where the trend is all the rave.
The green lipstick challenge, has been trending online for a while now.
It was initiated by Ghanaian actress, film producer and singer, Juliet Ibrahim.
This trend aims to raise awareness of the dreaded ailment, kidney cancer.
Kidney cancer is a serious disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people around the world which has resulted in a growing burden and many unanswered questions.
The worldwide incidence of kidney cancer has been predicted to rise by 22 percent by 2020 and its cause remains largely unknown. Though treatment varies around the world, too often kidney cancer is forgotten and neglected.
That is why CANSA (cancer association of South Africa) is joining forces with kidney cancer organisations around the world to mark the first-ever World Kidney Cancer Q & A Day. Patients, caregivers, health care professionals and local organisations across the country and worldwide will be uniting to raise awareness for the disease.
The Ghanaian actress started the lipstick challenge on her Instagram page and since then the trend has spread.
Many celebrities such as Mercy Jhonson Okojie, Tiwa Savage, Toyin Abraham and many others participated in it, this involved each of them wearing a green colour lipstick or a touch of green in solidarity, making many other people who felt the cause was a good one to participate in the challenge.
The challenge terminates today, which is also marked as the World Kidney Cancer Day.
A day that has been set aside every year for people around the world to ask questions, seek answers and raise awareness and funds to help fight the ailment.
Below are some celebrities spotted;
The passion she brought to this challenge has shown us that Juliet Ibrahim is committed to the prevention of kidney cancer, and this is not new as she is a global kidney Ambassador who also has her own foundation “juliet Ibrahim foundation” for supporting people with such ailment, she will today join other cancer awareness teams to provide solutions on how to battle kidney cancer.
Do you have your questions, you can as well join the trend, follow Juliet Ibrahim on instagram.

We are going Green for #worldkidneycancerday #june22 #Greenlipstickchallenge #Greenforkidneycancer #kidneycancer @julietibrahimfoundation

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