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Man Tonto Dikeh Mentioned In Rant Against Ex-Hubby Speaks Out,Calls Her A World Class Liar -See Post

Yesterday we reported that Tonto Dikeh called out her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill saying he made her friend’s brother go to jail for a fraud he committed in Switzerland.
Well, a man identified as Michael Ozigbo has reacted.
He took to his Instagram page to call the actress a liar, saying, nobody went to jail for fraud because of Churchill.
He shared a family photo with Churchill in Switzerland and wrote;
“With due respect Tonto; The whole world knows you have no shame but do not drag people’s names into your marital issues; Enough is Enough. I organized your Ex-Husband’s events here in Switzerland and I am his only contact here when my brother introduced us, my brother is a friend to many celebrities not only you,no one here has been jailed for any fraud and what you’re talking about it is false. I handled all the event transactions and all the funds sent by Mr churchill there was no issue,You have lied endlessly about your husband to the world. If he has kept quiet and you have tried very hard to maintain the lies and impression of painting him a black to the world.Where is your evidences ? I live here and everyone knows me here as well, Stop dragging reputable people’s names into your matter; Nobody and I repeat Nobody went to jail for fraud because of Mr churchill. I’m a musician by the name NazB and don’t mess up with my family name Ozigbo .Don’t involve us in your marital issues! My name is Michael Ozigbo”.
In as much as we enjoy the drama between the duo, If i recall very well yesterday, Tonto didn’t mentioned any name, So why is this guy showing up here
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