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How To Navigate The Dating Scene: A Guide For Singles

Guys who want to start a romantic relationship, you have to adhere to certain tactics of behavior.
Modern dating can be a real pain in the neck. For the past 20 years, it became so different from dating our parents were used to. Now the whole process goes down to a brief online search to see if your new match from one of those dating sites for singles is worth chatting with.

Starting a relationship has become easier than ever due to such invention as dating events. Everything is changing so fast that it becomes harder and harder to catch up.

Let’s try to figure out what to do and how to act at a dating event to get the most of it.

In this article, you will find tips on how to navigate the dating scene.

1. Start a conversation in a right way
Don’t immediately ask the question on the forehead: "Girl, don’t you want to goon a date with me?" It is better to start a casual conversation on a suitable neutral topic and only then act according to the behavior of a girl.
2. Show your confidence in everything
Most girls like strong, self-confident guys, so it’s better for a man not to showthat he is shy or not self-confident. But strength and confidence don’t mean impudence and assertiveness. Many girls are afraid of over-energetic guys and prefer to stay away from them.
3. Don’t forget about compliments
Girls are so fond of compliments so you have to use it. A successful compliment at the right time of dating can melt the heart of even the most impregnable beauty and greatly increase the chances of the guy she likes. But the compliment should not be banal like: "What a beauty you are" or something like that. You can make a girl much more impressed if you make her an individual compliment, for example, praising her blue as the sky (black as the night, green as the sea) eyes, or noticing what a sexual mole is on her cheek, or what a gentle (sonorous) voice she has.
4. Mention your own merits during conversation
Getting acquainted with a girl, you can, for example, boast of professional or career achievements or say that you like martial arts. In this case, it is not even a sin if you spice up your stories. But it’s not necessary to speak outright untruth in order not to be caught in a lie in the future.
5. Impress a girl with a beautiful act or generosity
This can be done if the objective circumstances and possibilities of a man allow do this. For example, give a girl a chic bouquet of flowers or invite to an expensive restaurant.
6. Don’t miss the moment when you move to the decisive stage of dating
If a girl is happy to support the conversation and is not in a hurry to get rid of a man, you can take a chance and ask her phone number to continue the relationship or invite a girl to a first date. If a girl agreed to a meeting or gave a phone number — then the acquaintance with a girl was successfully held. And now you have a chance to turn this acquaintance into a serious (or not very serious) romantic relationship.
7. Offer a lady to be together
After telling a girl about your feelings, immediately offer her a relationship. Do this almost instantly, so that a girl doesn’t have time to get out of the emotional state in which she may stay after your recognition.
8. Steadily and calmly listen to her any answer
Each guy, offering a girl a relationship, expects a positive response from her side. However, such an answer may not follow. So every man should be ready for such a scenario.
9. Don’t despair if a girl refuses to meet
Maybe she just has important things to do and she has no time to communicate. Moreover, if a girl gave her phone number to you, then she can agree to a meeting in the next time more convenient for her. Don’t be nervous, you need to behave with the lady calmly, and also include all your charm.
10. Wait for a while
Every man should remember that it’s hard for a girl to immediately understand what a particular man is like. Therefore, you don’t need to insist to become a boyfriend of a girl from the first meeting. You may have to meet several times, showing your goodwill and chivalry, and you can try to offer her to be together only after that.
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