You all remember last year when rapper Nelly was accused of se*ually assaulting a woman on his tour bus. He was arrested on second-degree r&pe charges shortly after the alleged incident went down. The case has since been dropped since the alleged victim, Monique Green, refused to testify but new information about the case recently came out and the tea is very hot.
The 43-year-old rapper plans to sue Monique Greene for defamation after she declined to press charges.
Rapper Nelly and his s*xual assault case was thought to be put to rest, after his accuser Monique Greene refused to testify in court.
Well new information has come to the surface, when Nelly admitted to having consensual se* with the woman on his tour bus.
According to The Jasmine Brand, Nelly and Monique have two different stories about the events that took place that night.
“In the police documents, both Nelly and Monique have different accounts of what allegedly happened the evening of the incident. In docs, Nelly (who is in a relationship with Platinum life reality star Shantel Jackson) is said to have told police that they had consensual, oral and v&ginal se*. He says that Greene removed her own clothing and that he did not use a condom. The 43- year old artist says that he did not ejaculate. He claimed that the woman only got upset because she thought he was involved with one of his dancers, who was also on the bus at the time.”
The way Monique remembered things was a lot different.
She is claiming that Nelly forcefully removed her pants and threw her onto the bed saying
“you’re gonna take this d***”
and when he was finished, he ejaculated inside of her and on her person.
She also added that Nelly then offered her 2,500 in cash to remain on the bus until their next stop.
Nelly’s camp is planning to sue Greene for damages. There are no further updates on the rappers relationship with Ms. Jackson or which direction the case is headed.
The story is still developing.
Recall that in December, 2017, Nelly was sued for s*xual assault and for defamation against the alleged victim, after he publicly denied the accusations.
He was arrested and briefly jailed in October in Auburn, Washington, after being accused of raping the 22-year-old University of Washington student on his tour bus.
He denied the allegations via his attorney.
The criminal case against him collapsed last week, after prosecutors said they couldn’t
“proceed or fully assess the merits of the case”
without the cooperation of the victim, who said she wanted to stop the investigation.
Nelly has maintained his innocence and plans to sue.
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