According to Vanguard Nigeria Presidential Spokesman Femi Adesina has reacted to Donald Trump Immigration Policy regarding 2-year visas to Nigerians.
Despite the visa insurance Americans seems to be treating Nigerians like the Banned Countries on the list.Before now Americans usually offers two year visa opportunity to Nigerians and our country offers one year Visa to the US but now its a different ball game.
Mr Femi Adesina, who issued a statement on Sunday January 29, said: “It is not a presidency matter. Although President Trump during his campaign has made it clear that he will restrict the Moslems from the US which in reference will would protect the citizens from jihadist attacks.But instead of following through to his exact words and focus on the countries that could be a threat to the US,Mr President and Senator Jeff Sessions his nominee for attorney general,are both working on restrictions instead.