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Nigerian Muslim Lady Says Women Should ‘Encourage’ Their Men To Marry Their Side Chics Rather Than Commit Sin

A Nigerian Muslim lady has given us quite the shock after she made a statement about wives encouraging their husbands to marry their side chics rather than they commit
This is definitely coming from the perspective of Polygamy being acceptable by her religion, the lady says other women shouldn’t fight their husbands and tell em if they’re in love with their side chics, they should rather marry them than commit sin.
As shared and on Nigerian twitter. Lol
She wrote;
“Instead of starting a fight with your husband’s girlfriend and telling her to leave your husband, why not talk to him like.
“Habibi, I know you love her, make her your wife, this dating of a thing might lead u to committing a sin, why not make it halal”
Help ur husband, don’t let him go astray!”
Nigerian Muslim lady advices women to

 Please, what are your thoughts on this?
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