Nigerian Youths and The Spate of Drug Abuse: A User’s Perspective

A friend collapses today,another in stroke tomorrow and we wonder what

the drug enforcement agency is doing.They ought to go after the manufacturers

who profit from the illicit business rather than the users who are endangered species

just like Kwamkwaso did in kano.

Drug abuse is a dangerous phenomenon in present day society with it’s simple usage

now being viewed as commonplace in Nigerian society and the work at large. Users struggle everyday to discontinue it’s usage but it’s easy availability and accessibility makes it uneasy to avoid.

Most users are unaware of the dangers they put themselves in with every single usage as well as the fact that they are abusing drugs hence the need for the education of the populace on the effects of drug abuse via a well coordinated national orientation exercise through the National Orientation Agency as was done during the late 90’s for the campaign against HIV/AIDS.

Drug abuse is becoming a serious issue in Nigeria just as the crack epidemic was in the U.S in the 80’s and early 90’s which led to The President tagging it Public Enemy No.1.we as a people must be able to stand up and fight for a cause that is not economically but socially uplifting for our society.

The illicit drug business is the top 3 consumer based businesses worldwide with it having “no need for advert” like the legendary ijebu garri.

A word is enough for the wise and as they say ” If e no good for your brain,QUIT”#PeaceOut

Tosan Alexis Dorti