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Is Peter Okoye Of P Square Losing It? Fans Comes For Him For Singing “Gongo Aso” On Stage In US

Since the latest rift between top duo Peter and Paul Okoye of the Psquare fame, Peter has been trying extra hard to prove to fans and Nigerians in general that he has the courage and the wherewithal to stand alone as a singer.
Nigerians have attacked Peter Okoye of Psquare known also as Mr. P after a video of him performing at a show in Washington became viral.
The insults directed at the singer did not come just because of his recent rift with his brother but largely because he has failed to prove to his fans that he can indeed stand alone as claimed.
In the performance, Peter was seen jumping from corner to corner doing his thing but not doing his thing! He was literally doing other people’s things, singing other people’s songs and proving many right that he might not be able to stand on his own as an artiste.
Surprisingly, Peter went as far as singing 9ice’s legendary song ‘Gongo Aso’ and international star, Usher Raymond’s ‘You Remind Me’!
Is this cool?
Apparently, the singer needs to do some work fast or better still, stick to Psquare songs!
As a result of this ‘shameful’ and ‘illegal’ act, many Nigerians have appealed to the brothers to come together lest they drag their names and hard earned reputation in the mud.
From the look of things however, Peter would need more than courage to prove that indeed he can stand alone as a musician, he would need to put in some work quickly or lose all credibility.

Video!!! Mr P of P Square performing "Gongo Aso" by 9ice and "U Remind me" by Usher at Nigeria Independence Concert in Washington DC … . . Full video link in our bio #GoldMyneTV

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See some of the comments that trailed the performance.

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