30 year old Physically Challenged Lady called Bosede Adelani who has a clash with a good Samaritan give her side of the story. The lady who was standing at a junction on Acme Road, Lagos state was approached by one Mr Adepeju Olukokun on January 19, 2017. According to Adelani Mr Olokokun approached me on that fateful day sat beside me and asked if I needed a wheelchair and I told him that I already had one. He brought out a bundle of money and it surprised me because nobody had given me that much money before. .

“But he continued holding the cash asking me questions. When I realised that he seemed to be really interested in what I needed, I then told him that I was setting up a shop to sell soft drinks. Through the money I made from alms, I had bought a freezer. All I needed was the shop. I told him this and he said okay.
“When he was leaving, he gave me two N500 notes from the bundle he was holding and I thanked him. He also dropped his phone number with me. He said I should call him by 4pm that day.” but to her greatest surprise before the time i was supposed to call him (4pm) I started receiving calls from family and friends asking about “the man who had made me rich and that I was all over the internet.
Bosede Adelani said unknown to her,Mr Olukokun was just acting a script while holding a bundle of cash and speaking with her, his friend was nearby taking pictures and recording a video of the encounter.Few hours after the man left, Adelani’s pictures and the video of how “her life changed” went viral and started circulating on the internet.
According to reports Mr Olukokun has posted series of pictures on his Instagram page with the caption: “On my way to Ikeja, I met this beautiful woman on the road cripple begging and I have to stop by to ask her what she needs? She said a wheelchair and a shop and I told her all her desire would come through today. I feel happy #Kokun Foundation #EndingSolution.”
“ When I called back again, I wanted to beg him to pull down the pictures online because I did not want to become another stunt . He said I was disturbing him. It is not that I am an ingrate . I thank him for the N1k he gave to me”
But Mr Adepoju Olukokun has said otherwise
She lied that I gave her N1k. I actually gave her N4k . I have helped many people. I told her to come to the SARS office so she could write an undertaking he added.