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Rita Dominic Slams Helen Paul And AY For Joking About What Kemen Did To TBoss

Legendary actress, Rita Dominic has reacted against something that happened at the “Warri Again?” concert where Comedian AY and Helen Paul made jokes about molestation.
Few days back, at a concert organized for the ex-housemates in Warri, Helen Paul made ThinTallTony and Bisola reconcile after the latter seem pissed at the fact that TTT betrayed their friendship by hiding his marital status from her.
Then, Helen Paul and AY also made jokes about Kemen and TBoss..noting that the molestation that happened between the two was simply a “small touch”.
The comments earned the female comedian a lot of criticism from folks on social media and now, actress, Rita Dominic has joined other voices speaking out against the culture of normalising sexual abuse against women.
Rita said;
“It is not rational to say that sexual misconduct or abuse of any kind is normal behaviour. We should not tolerate this school of thought.”
Here are her tweets we culled from social media;



@HelenPaul_ YOU should be ashamed of yourself. A female making jokes of a violation against a fellow female? And you have a female child?

@HelenPaul_ inferiority has you bashing a woman you know nothing about, anything for fame and money right?

for @HelenPaul_ who played with small or big touching -I hope that one day she gets to find herself & become Useful to the society

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