Sahara Reporters: Kindly Stop Publishing Trash.

In a bid to play messy politics with Sen. Dino Melaye, Sahara Reporters have

Brought the name of the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria to disrepute

With it’s frivolous and fictitious claims.

Sahara reporters have once again shown that their content is only fit for dustbin

Publications because several times over it’s content has been credibly authencated

To be trash and below journalism ethics and standards.

It’s recent publication about the certificate obtained by Sen.Dino Melaye from the 2nd largest University in Africa has however received severe backlash From several Abusites across social media platforms regardless of tribe,religion or political affiliation.

BaBa Dino was a vibrant aluta warrior during his undergraduate days with tales of his several conquests in the spirit of aluta being told to every new comrade that joins the ranks of student unionism in order to motivate them that they are standing on the shoulders of giants.

Names like Bello Haliru and Aisha Alhassan are also amongst popular politicians in the present day Nigeria political landscape who have also once upon a time donned on the spirit of aluta in the largest university south of the sahara and north of the Limpopo.

I do not paint BaBa Dino a saint but I would not rob him of what is rightfully his,after all he just finished writing his carryover examinations in his MIAD(Masters in International Diplomacy) programme as a serving senator so how did he get the admission in the first place without a Bsc?

The reason I write is not only because I know he is being attacked from a very mischievous source but also because the integrity of the University that has produced the highest amount of public office holders in the country is at stake.

It should be noted that A.B.U has produced a President, Vice President, Ministers, Governors, Senators, House of Representatives Members, State House of Assembly Members, Local Government Chairmen as well as Councillors and Sen.Dino Melaye is no exception to this extraordinary list of persons.

Sahara reporters and Sowore should kindly stop publishing rubbish and allow us to rest just like our President just did. We cannot add your nonsense to this recession because e fit cause depression.

I rest my case.#WehDoneSir #BeGuided

Tosan Alexis Dorti