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SHOCKING! UFC Fighter Justine Kish Defecates In The Ring During A Fight (VIDEO)

The often chaotic and controversial world of the UFC again delivered a night of bizarre drama at Fight Night 112.
Justine Kish, UFC fighter is trending on the internet after a fight with her opponent Felice Herrig at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night Oklahoma.
The strawweight division saw a number of women fighting to produce a winner who would eventually challenge the champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk.
It is not the kind of fight that gets major media attention, but Kish has made it a trending conversation and it is all because she shit herself during the match.

From the video that is making rounds on the internet, the fighter shit herself after her opponent Herrig locked her into a rear-naked chokehold that the 29-year-old fighter somehow escaped from.
Sadly, Kish defecated during those few minutes, thus messing up the ring.
Kish lost the match, but to her credit, she laughed over the incident shortly after the video surfaced:
But the internet is not ready to let her get away with it that easily.
Watch the moment when the shit escaped her body:

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