Relationships are like puzzles some people fit perfectly in it, while others don’t. But there is nothing better in life than a relationship that is going well, As your loving feelings begin to grow, more and more people will begin to ask, “Are these two made for each other?”

Especially when the two of you have a great connection and the chemistry is obvious to everyone that sees you together, you will hear it more and more – not to mention begin wondering about it yourself.

What are the ways to tell if truly you have found what was written in the stars? Here are some clues:

1- You Laugh At the Same Things

In the midst of all two people can face in life, the ability to share a joke is a necessary skill. Do you often find yourselves laughing uncontrollably long after everyone else has stopped?

Are your sides splitting when the rest of the room is looking on in confusion? This is a great sign! When you find someone that has a similar sense of humor, you can be certain you will enjoy the same movies and comedians. And, if the chips are ever stacked against you as a couple, at least you’ll be able to laugh together – and that can get you through anything.

2- You Seem to Communicate Telepathically

How many times a day do you wonder what your lover is doing and end up having them call just that second? Do you feel like there’s something wrong and immediately send a text message to check in?

Strange as it sounds, the closer you are to someone the more you seem to share thoughts.

3- You Agree About Big Ideas

Politics? Religion? Money matters? Raising children? These are the primary factors causing division between couples. Though it’s very unlikely you will be on the same wavelength for every point, the fact you have this common ground as you get started will help the two of you form a more solid foundation for your relationship going forward. Individual differences on one or two of these is in no way a deal breaker, but the more you are alike, the better off you will be.

4- You respect each other’s individuality

You’ve accepted him for who he is and have no plans of changing him, not the way he dresses or his habits. Likewise, he loves your quirks.

5- You Kiss and Make Up

It seems like such an underrated aspect of a relationship, but the speed with which the two of you acknowledge your own faults and reconcile after a fight is a crucial sign for the health of your pairing.

This doesn’t mean you are immediately back to smiling in the wake of a disagreement, but that those you do have are not so vicious that you both walk away angry instead of solving the issue. Couples that succeed and are happiest seem to have a supernatural way of resolving conflict that leaves both parties satisfied.

6- You Lose All Track of Time

One of the best ways to tell you are destined to be together is your ability to consistently find yourselves talking about how long it seems you’ve known each other.

Does it feel like you have dated for a decade when it’s only been three weeks? Many relationships seem to have a quality of timelessness that is difficult for both people to describe, but nonetheless adds an element of comfort that the end result was known by the universe long before history began.