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Survey Says Men With Beards Are More Likely To Lie, Cheat And Steal

Could facial hair determine the quality of a romantic partner?
Ladies often find men with beards to be mysterious bad boys. However looks may be totally true.
Video social network eva recently conducted a survey via Censuswide to find out what people had to say about the beard trend among men.
The results of the UK-based study delivered some bad news for men who have dedicated months to growing out beards in hopes of attracting women, having a more active sex lives and generally looking better. Not to mention, bad news for the women they’ve been dating.
The U.K.-based study polled 1,500 men and found the following:
1.47 percent of bearded men admitted to cheating on a significant other, compared to 20 percent of clean-shaven men
2. 45 percent of bearded men admitted to enjoying being involved in a fist fight, compared to 29 percent of clean-shaven men
3. 40 percent of bearded men admitted to stealing something, compared to 17 percent of clean-shaven men
The real zinger for guys came from the results of a survey asking women how attractive they found a goatee.
Roughly 65 percent of women said they preferred their man clean-shaven. In fact, more than 35 percent of women polled would rather their man have grey hair than facial hair.
Could this be the onset of the baby face trend? For men looking to get laid, it seems like the wave.
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