The Achipawa are situated in the Sakaba Division of Konta- gora Province, where they have a population of 190,000 and in
the central Makangara hills (Kwongoma Division, Niger Province)
whither they migrated a long time ago from Sakaba, and where Achipanchi is still spoken and certain customs observed.*

They claim to be descended from Kishera, who led a vast concourse of people out from his kingdom of Badar, near Mecca,
in the time of the Prophet, and are, therefore, akin to the Bussawa, Dendowa, Kengawa, Shengawa, Borgawa, Bedde,
Gurumawa and Yorubawa.

It is probable fchat the Atsifawa are identical with the Sef of Bornu history, and there existed an undoubted connection between Bornu and Borgu, which appears to have been recognised as recently as the early nine- teenth century by Mohammed Bello (Sokoto), who spoke of ” Borgu-Bornu.” The story is that a brother of Kishera’s
founded the first settlement in Sakaba on the present site of Karissen, whence the Achipawa spread.

After the lapse of many centuries some Katsinawa came and settled in their midst, intermarrying with them, and their offspring were the Kamberri.

The Sarkin Karissen may only drink water from Karissen, or from Dabai, a Dakkakarri town.

Certain crops are peculiar to the sexes. The men cultivate and own the cereals (guinea-corn, millet, maize, gero and some

* Vide ” Kamuku.”

| Vide ” History of Illo,” and ” History of Bussa.”

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