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VIDEO: Yemi Alade Debuts Septum Ring, And Here’s What Her Fans Think

Songstress, Yemi Alade debuts septum ring.
And her fans are yet  to decide if they unanimously love or hate the new fashion edge.
The singer took to her page yesterday to post series of video clips, showing off the glittering silver thing. In all of them, she solicited for opinions, asking what her fans think of the ring, and she seemingly looked unsure, undecided about whether to keep it or bin it. In another video, she is slightly decided as she watched herself over and over, turning at angles, perhaps reassessing her new appearance.
As expected, Instagram is already simmering with reactions from fans, and many of them do not like the idea of their fave wearing what they call a “bull ring”.
“Any lady with ring on d nose, belly, or anywhere asides the ear 👂🏽 is irresponsible…. including those with like 5rings on one ear especially at d top side of d ear…. inappropriate and irresponsible, said one righteous male.
Another Instagrammer added, Cynthia Morgan’s career started dying wen she fixed nose ring… Just saying sha.”
But there are those who love the edge the ring gave Yemi Alade. “I love it,” said one excited fan, and another added, “It’s OK long as she happy with it.”
Did she nailed it or not? 
Check out her video:

Ok so, aunty yemi has joined the #nosering gang.. Well, its hot… What do you think??? – #yemialade #bm #knackam #groundedpromotions www.groundedpromotions.com

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