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“If You Want To Ask Me Out, Tender Your Work ID And Letter Of Employment” -Nigerian Lady Lists Requirements For Potential Boyfriend

A social media user shared news of an alleged incident where an internet fraudster apparently used his girlfriend for rituals in a bid to gain N100 million.
Following the viral news, another Nigerian social media user named, Chichi then stated a way to make sure she doesn’t fall victim of such callousness.
Chichi who seemed to be single and searching shared requirements to anyone who would consider asking her out on a date or have intentions of being her boyfriend.
To be on the safe side like she said, she will be demanding certain items to convince her the person was anything but an internet fraudster.
In her post, she said:
“So I hear yahoo boys are now using babes for rituals… From now onwards If you want to ask me out, you have to come with a copy of your work ID and a letter of recommendation from your boss. Thanks.”

In response to her hilarious requirements, other social media users weighed in on her comment.
Here are their comments below:
Also find out about the mum , brothers , siblings …are they alive or dead ? if so ..what killed them ?
— Enikeni (@enikush) January 26, 2018
Where do I submit it ma
— Stark. Tony Stark. (@segebee) January 26, 2018
Stay single forever
— EL CHAPO(@_TheRealEnny) January 25, 2018
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